The solution is designed to work for both small and large churches, regardless of the size of the worshippers. Whether it has a congregation of 10,000 or even 500 worshippers, church management can be done effectively with unlimited access to congregants. The software also functions in a way where the larger parent church can be linked to other smaller branches when given access. So, they can monitor the activities of all their branches from anywhere in the world. The extra components do not increase the price. Other churches would still have to subscribe to have their own special access to the solution. This process should give all types of churches the opportunity to enjoy church management using the software.

Absolutely. While many packages have a maximum number of 2-4 simultaneous users logged in at one time, Ekklesia Solutions doesn’t have any such of requirements. Instead, the super admin can decide to add as many other admins as possible while the number of membership use is not restricted.

Yes. The super admin has access to every feature and is also able to restrict what every other person sees or uses. This could be based on departments or even membership status. User accounts can be configured to grant user-specific permissions for each user. This means that what the admin sees is different from what every other person sees. Permission levels for members could include book appointments, Read, Read/Write, pay donations, and minimum Access levels to screens.

This is very possible. To achieve this, the admin would have to visit the members data > options > view > account setting > click on disable account.

If you are having difficulties logging into your account using our app downloaded from any of the platforms, you can reach out to our customer service unit to get the issues resolved. 

A suspended member can still visit your site, but as a non-member contact. Suspended members may need to log in so that they can view basic church information, make donations, or even book appointments.

Yes, it is compatible with all mobile devices via any mobile web browser and users can download the app to make it easily accessible.

Yes. You can set up small groups with the volunteer feature and give access to members who would like to join these groups. With this, the leader of these groups can send a general message on each of the platforms which goes directly to their email addresses. 

The solution could work in any part of the world and can be operated by the admin from any part of the world. Our system was designed to adapt to any countries accessibility. Our team is actively working to upgrade the system everyday so that we are able to offer our client the best service.


A member or an admin who forgets their passwords can still retrieve their accounts by resetting their passwords to grant them access. All they need to do is click on forget password and you will receive a notification in the registered email with your new login details.