Church Accounting Solution

Automate and manage your church accounting and finance task

Data Import

Save time by importing old data from MS Excel sheets into our new software.

Secured Data

All connections are routed through secured servers. This ensures that no one else has access to your data.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is important for charities, and means millions of pounds extra go to the charity sector. Each time an eligible tax payer donates and forgets to tick the Gift Aid box, the charity misses out.

Donation Management

Streamline the financial processes and operations in your church. Improve supervision and efficiency while reducing administrative work.

Pledge Management

Take responsibility for pledge and payment data, and work to improve and maintain data integrity.

Fund Management

This is the systematic process of operating, deploying, maintaining, disposing, and upgrading assets in the most cost-efficient and profit-yielding way possible.

Online Expenses Approval

You don't need to be physically there to know and approve essential projects.You can design approval processes that suit your ministry with Ekklesia Solutions.

Account Receivable

Accounts Receivable is a simple system meant to assist churches in keeping track of invoices, due dates, payments, "customers," deposits, and other information.

Account Payable

It's simple to preserve your cash and keep your records in good operating order with features like specific funds, projects, and built-in controls.

Financial Reporting

Ability to generate reports for management intelligence and decision-making.

Track Inflow and Expenses

Ability to generate reports for management intelligence and decision-making.

Shop Church Sales Product Online

All payments, declarations and claims are fully audited and made transparent, allowing you to easily meet HMRC's stringent criteria.

Member Donation Report

Ability to generate reports for management intelligence and decision-making

Import Supplier and Customer Data

Save time by importing old data from MS Excel sheets in to our new software.

Church Management Solution

Automate and manage your church administration task, Easy and professional application to organize members, events, follow-ups, and more.

Appointment Management

Here is a bridge that makes communication between Ministers and members of the church easy and interesting. A minister can accept or reject an appointment from members with an automated setting that gives members an instant response . The setting also allows the members to book only on days and times that are available on the Minister's calendar and the Minister blocks out the days he would not want to receive any appointment request.

Event Management

Create events, invite members and guests, and share via text, email, or notification. Events are automatically added to your calendar, which you can share as well.

Import Member Data

Save time by importing old data from MS Excel sheets in to our new software.

Blog Management

Your messages and articles can come to life by simply uploading, editing and beautifying it with pictures, videos and other writing features. You can manage your settings where you can select the time and date you would want your articles uploaded as well as the targeted recipients.

Birthday Greetings & Wedding Anniversary

The Church is a family and one way to make the family feel special is by remembering important moments in their lives. This is a feature designed with an automated setting that sends out birthday and anniversary messages to the Church members and Ministers. It also sends reminders to other members of the ministry to celebrate with them.

Follow Up New Member

Follow-up on New members. Follow-up is one of the most effective tools for any Church and also a hot topic among Church leaders. This feature will allow a Church to keep track of all new members.

Child Check-In and Attendance

This feature enables the recording, monitoring, and management of member attendance with the aid of PCs, tablets or phones to check-in children into services and Sunday school classes, and also monitors who picks up the kids

Media Upload and Member Receive Notification

This feature enables uploading audio and media files to the portal, including but not limited to sermons, messages and announcements, and the management of those files.

Member Sermon notes

Everyone can now take part in taking quick notes at church during sermons even without a notepad. This access helps the user take note of important details or church notice without a note and pen and still have it saved on the system for as long as the user would like.

Sermon Management

No one should ever miss the blessings of a sermon and now no one would miss it because sermons can now be uploaded and revisited as many times as possible. All sermons are uploaded by the church either as a video, a note or as an audio message.

Add an unlimited number of people

Whether you have 100 or 10,000 - you can add as many members right into Ekklesia without changes in prices.

Customised Website

Select your very own Church URL to use for your ministry. You can also connect with your existing domain. A Free Church website as well as participant portal that allows members to give offerings online, book appointments with ministers, post blogs, register volunteer groups, register for events and so much more.

Set up messages to be sent out later

Increase administration's effectiveness by scheduling messages to be sent out later, permitting you to prepare for upcoming events.

Allow people to update their profiles

Save time by allowing people to update their profiles upon registration or afterwards.

GDPR Ready Privacy and Security

Handle what everyone has access to, within a GDPR compliant system, for which we continuously buy cutting edge security. We also give you the power to enhance participant security by enabling you to require solid passwords upon registration.