Church Accounting Solution

Automate and manage your church accounting and finance task

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Church Mobile Application

Bring your church closer to the people with branded Church apps powered by Ekklesia Solutions and manage your Church administrative and accounting tasks at a go.

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Ekklesia Full Package

Manage your church administration and accounting at a go

Church Management Solution

Automate and manage your church administration task, Easy and professional application to organize members, events, follow-ups, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

You Are Confused! Question & Answers.

The solution is designed to work for both small and large churches, regardless of the size of the worshippers. Whether it has a congregation of 10,000 or even 500 worshippers, church management can be done effectively with unlimited access to congregants. The software also functions in a way where the larger parent church can be linked to other smaller branches when given access. So, they can monitor the activities of all their branches from anywhere in the world. The extra components do not increase the price. Other churches would still have to subscribe to have their own special access to the solution. This process should give all types of churches the opportunity to enjoy church management using the software.

Absolutely. While many packages have a maximum number of 2-4 simultaneous users logged in at one time, Ekklesia Solutions doesn’t have any such of requirements. Instead, the super admin can decide to add as many other admins as possible while the number of membership use is not restricted.

Yes. The super admin has access to every feature and is also able to restrict what every other person sees or uses. This could be based on departments or even membership status. User accounts can be configured to grant user-specific permissions for each user. This means that what the admin sees is different from what every other person sees. Permission levels for members could include book appointments, Read, Read/Write, pay donations, and minimum Access levels to screens.